01. Research
Industry-leading research & analysis

Our in-depth research and analysis services are the backbone of our company. Armed with strategic and timely market intelligence, our clients are able to make key decisions about their project in order to maximize market exposure and sales velocity.

GIS Housing® is the most comprehensive market exploration database and business intelligence (BI) system for the real estate industry. Our software stores, captures, manipulates and displays multi-layer housing data and geographical data, and provides easy-to-read statistical modeling for any business involved in real estate transactions.

GIS Housing®

02. Marketing
Telling the story behind the brand through targeted campaigns

Effective marketing is rooted in consumer behaviour. By knowing who is buying what, when and where, we craft your strategy and hone your message to maximize sales traffic.

Sales Centre Design
Online Marketing

Print Advertising
Social Media
Public Relations

3D Reality

Intelligence House has the capacity to create 3D augmented reality of your product before it is built; providing futuristic visuals for potential buyers and renters.

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Comparables, made easy.

Comps for REALTORS® is a quick and easy comparables service that saves realtors hours of work. Our innovative market intelligence service sorts and compares property and home values to determine the approximate price of a particular home.