Market Research


Intelligence House provides clients with leading-edge market research packaged with advisory services. Clients can expect to receive market insights to better understand their current position and where potential opportunities can be recognized. We specialize in unique statistical modelling where our systems combine specific algorithms to evaluate key indicators such as price elasticity, consumer purchasing power, product absorptions, sales forecasting, and supply/demand cycles.

Our clientele includes developers who want to determine a site’s absorption potential, builders who need specific product and price recommendations, or investors who are looking to understand new markets. Not limited to any one scenario, our services are critical for real estate stakeholders and industry members to better enhance their understanding of market behaviour and mitigate risk.

Market research & analysis services:

  • Economic Forecasting
  • Supply & Demand Structure
  • Market Share
  • Monthly Housing Activity
  • Competitive Sales Analysis
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Consulting
  • Land Acquisition Analysis


the most comprehensive market exploration database and BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM for the residential real estate industry