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We help builders and developers maximize real estate profit with a unique and integrated market intelligence approach.

Who we are

Intelligence House is an innovative, full-service real estate consulting firm that lets market intelligence steer the ship. With integrated research, data analytics, marketing and management of preferred brokerage partners on sales/leasing, we provide our clients with professional guidance in all aspects of their real estate project.

Founded in 2013, in Edmonton, Alberta, we are a team of talented and diverse group of researchers, data scientists, designers, strategists and digital marketers, helping our clients in North America to maximize their profits in the real estate market by building the right product to the right people at the right price.


The Intelligence Difference

What makes us unique is our unified business model. By combining research, marketing and sales and leasing through our preferred brokerage partners, we’re able to provide accurate and timely information about the market. This integrated strategy improves communication between divisions and allows us to incorporate crucial feedback into our campaigns that saves our clients valuable time and money. Data gathering and market intelligence is the cornerstone of our work.


In-depth market research and analysis

Intelligence House provides clients with leading-edge market research packaged with advisory services. Clients can expect to receive market insights to better understand their current position and where potential opportunities can be recognized.

Identify key trends and opportunities

We specialize in unique statistical modelling where our systems combine specific algorithms to evaluate key indicators such as price elasticity, consumer purchasing power, product absorptions, sales forecasting, and supply/demand cycles.

Advise our clients with market intelligence

Our clientele includes developers who want to determine a site’s absorption potential, builders who need specific product and price recommendations, or investors who are looking to understand new markets.

Develop and execute a marketing plan

Effective marketing is rooted in consumer behaviour. By knowing who is buying what, when and where, we craft your strategy and hone your message to maximize sales traffic and leads. This makes efficient use of budgets and saves time as potential consumers are more qualified and genuinely interested in your product.

Optimize campaigns to maximize exposure

Whether you are looking for a complete overhaul of your brand or complementary design applications, our experienced creative team will design and execute a strategic and innovative campaign to elevate your project.

Generate More Leads and Faster Sales/Leases

One of our company’s competitive advantages is our use of innovative software that monitors, tracks and assesses all online, phone and walk-in sales traffic. This program ensures all prospective customers receive timely and relevant follow-up communication.